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Photo Airbrushing

Photo Airbrushing by Professional photo airbrushing and retouching service. Photo airbrushing applies to all kinds of photos, including your favourite full length body photos as well as portraits. Along with excessive attention to detail, we use our professional airbrushing knowledge and experience to make sure you are completely happy with your retouched photo. No matter what level of transforation you require, from either a few subtle tweaks or the extensive glamour style finish, we make sure it looks as realistic and as natural as you want your photo to look. So for realistic, professional photo airbrsuhing you need Digital
Examples of Photo Airbrushing

Photo Airbrushing
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Photo Airbrushing Service

Digital Airbrushing

Digital Airbrushing is a professional freelance service provided by myself, Ben Unwin. I pride myself on providing high-end professional results with a friendly and efficient service. Along with listening to all customer requests I use my experience and expertise to help exceed customer expectations. I make sure your photos look as realistic and as natural as you want them to look. If you have any questions regarding my photo airbrushing servicve please call me on 07702 832 788.

Portrait Photo Airbrushing

Portrait photo airbrushing is focused on airbrushing faces, using various photoshop techniques to make the subject look, younger, healthier, slimmer, or even more glamorous. Please see a list of what is included with Digital Airbrushing's portrait package.

>Skin smoothing
>Clear/reduce wrinkles
>Clear/reduce bags under/around eyes
>Clear spots
>Enhance colour of eyes
>Enhance colour of lips
>Whiten teeth
>Whiten the whites of eyes
>Provide subtle tan, (if required)
>Re-shape of nose, chin etc

Body Photo Airbrushing

Body airbrushing doesnt have to be full body airbrushing. It can be for just a specific request, for a certain part of the body. Maybe you just want some cellulite clearing, or just your upper arms toning a little. Please see a list below of some typical body airbrushing requests:

Body Airbrushing typical requests...

>Full body retouching inc portrait right down to the toes

or maybe just a selection from the below

>Slim waste line
>Slim/tone arms
>Slim/tone legs
>Reduce/crear "bingo wings" (we dont like that termanology, but you get the idea)
>Slim shoulders
>Clear unwanted blemishes, inc spots, scars, rash etc
>Clear/reduce cellulite
>Clear/reduce back fat
>Reduce or enlarge breasts
>Reduce or clear over hang of dress
>Soft subtle tan
>General smoothing of skin

Please visit the BODY AIRBRUSHING page for examples.

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